About Chayah

Chayah Activewear Clothing is an activewear boutique created by Porscha, a breast cancer survivor. Diagnosed in 2019 at the age of 34, Porscha underwent a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction to remove her cancer.
After having her surgery she realized that she would no longer be able to wear her favorite bras. She also realized that the bras given to her at the hospital were not geared to her. She decided to look for sports bras that fit her style.
Shortly after her reconstruction was completed she contracted an infection and had to remove one of her implants. With only one implant she realized how hard it was to look normal and find bras that worked for her unique situation.
She improvised and added padding to her sports bras until her surgery was completed. It was then she came up with the idea to provide affordable, stylish, supportive activewear pieces to inspire women to get active, get fit and be well.  
Chayah, which means to live or life in hebrew, was born!